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Analysis of the world"s top four regional status quo of LED lighting industry
Global energy drying up, land surface temperature rising, human energy conservation and environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection LED industry is thriving, all over the world, so the LED industry seems to have become the world lighting industry savior, the earth governments in Europe and the United States under the confusion of the financial crisis as if found industries, a good way to improve the employment rate, China is the country celebrating, thought finally found Chris out beauty, a great opportunity to create a world-class technology, all technology, lighting industry is busy called on the government funding, support, subsidies for the LED industry, hate not overnight to LED lighting to replace in any corner of the world, immediately to lower global temperatures twice, especially in the field of China's various industries hate cannot be assigned to all piled into LED industry according to the so-called 500 billion or even trillions of dollars of "big cake".
But is this really the case? Our LED lighting technology has reached the overnight can replace all light levels? Let's take a closer look at the world level and domestic level in this field is a what circumstance?
A, Europe,
Market: the European people consciousness of environmental protection, energy conservation and more mature, the acceptance of environmental protection product is higher, and the European Union was originally proposed the elimination of incandescent lamp of relevant law has already begun, governments in the field of application of energy-saving lamps and LED lights have introduced a subsidy program (a subsidy to the product price of 30% ~ 55%), so in the field of the world, the European market in LED lighting applications of popularization and TuiGuangLv is high, the current in some major European countries already has a large supermarket sales of under 10 w LED bulb and lamp products, European lighting of philips and osram lighting fair in Frankfurt in 2010 large-scale application at its product series, and began the construction and promotion of market channels.
Technology: because the eu countries in formulating the unified standards often due to the different interests and starting point, cause many system and standardize a relatively sluggish, the European market access to relevant standards and technical threshold is relatively loose, CE for solid-state lighting (SSL) technology to revise the draft to still most of the reference to some technical requirements of the traditional light source, does not have larger changes.
Enterprise: as Europe's traditional lighting giant philips and osram has started 2000 years ago or invested heavily the foundation LED lighting technology research, including osram in white LED with fluorescent material has been has lead, but osram in recent years have been sold in the market sale the encapsulation of white light bead in Indonesia, in the field of general lighting products promotion types rarely, and mainly concentrated in the interior ball bubble lamp and lamp module class promotion; Philips has been advantages, with its capital in the field of LED application first buying American lumileds company has technical advantages and other schemes, in the core technology and related patent after mining in mainland China market and looking for high quality foundry enterprises do OEM production for him, and extremely stringent standards and huge compressed OEM orders as bait to maximize enterprise profits.
Alternative analysis: philips and osram promotion in the field of LED lighting will be focused on European and American markets in the 2012 years ago, the Wolf in foundry enterprises by use of mainland China after 2012 to enter the Asian market, with China's accumulated experience in the field of applied technology for them to earn profits.
Second, America
Market: because of the influence of the financial crisis, americans began to pick up the calculator haggle over every ounce of its costs, for the reality of price is higher than traditional lighting, LED lighting products has always been generous American some hesitation and see, so in each big market and supermarket temporarily also can't see the LED lighting application products stores and large scale promotion, occasionally sporadic can see are just some of the low voltage of the flashlight and small night light products.
Technology: the americans are very strict in terms of market access, in addition to the energy star standard, for solid-state lighting UL draft standard is formulated and developed, but also accompanied by other access standards are also gradually develop and negotiations, while the LED application products are Europe and the United States do a chip company into popular, big immediately fell on the consumer market of the world's momentum, but as a result of such as UL certification fee expensive and cumbersome, LED solid-state lighting market in North America market really started estimates will be after 2012.
Enterprise: in the United States CREE, lumileds, companies such as bridgELux LED a group of LED chip production enterprises firmly grasp the core technology of the LED chip fool around the world LED technology has been completely can replace the traditional lighting, the factory of the world - China, to start the application products research and development and production, we need your products, the U.S. market their hand up to more than 70% of the profit margin traction middle and lower reaches of a large number of application corporation purchasing their products, on the other hand, lead organization association or union work out even their own can not meet the product technical standard, the production enterprise in mainland China as their immature technologies of proving ground.
Alternative analysis: americans in the field of LED technology as a second-rate, but American business promotion is absolutely world class, nakamura from CREE company put the two from Japan to the United States can see come out, americans like a hungry tiger, in the LED industry, he will spare no effort to use their power and market leadership firmly in control of the industrial chain of high-end link, is used to grab the so-called most of the $500 billion market cake.
Three, Asia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
Market: ultra-high brightness LED blu-ray technology is by the Japanese in the eighty s out, so the Japanese society for LED lighting applications have the world's highest enthusiasm, so the Japanese market for the LED application support is very big, with strong points for LED products in recent years, government plan, LED products in the Japanese market sales growth has been far ahead of other countries; For South Korea and Taiwan areas with relatively mature semiconductor manufacturing and r&d technology, at present in 70% of the world's high-end LED chip manufacturing is done in this area, even Japan, citizen, osram, American bridgelux, semileds almost most of them are OEM production in Taiwan.
Technology: so far is still Japan holds the highest brightness LED production technology, and top grade phosphor technology used in the packaging, but as a result of the Japanese technology blockade, Chinese people get is always the somebody else ErSanLiu technologies and products, and the application of these technologies to produce products all the time to face the risk of someone else's patent infringement claims. While the south Korean government support for the strength of his whole quick buy out global companies such as samsung and LG backlit LED chips, man-made LED chip out of stock or rise in price.
Enterprise: in LED technology from the upstream to encapsulate and application of enterprise can say Japanese, Korean, Taiwan is one of the most big enterprises, only the Japanese in Japan, Toyota, mitsubishi chemical industry LED by enterprises have a first-class chip, phosphor and optical material technology, the Japanese citizen, sharp, samsung, LG accounted for packaging products such as high-end market, while Taiwan wafer, light, dozens of companies such as force, lite-on became the world's largest OEM base.
Alternative analysis: Japan and South Korea have good technical foundation and the government power to promote the application of the market, the broken LED the cake, they will be like a group of jackals, closely follow the pace of the segmentation industry profits in the high end, threw the ErSanLiu products and technology into the Chinese market, China wants to rob? Estimated difficulty is big.
Fourth, the industrial chain in mainland China
At present, with the increase of energy conservation and emissions reduction pressure before and after 2007, the Chinese government has launched various supporting policies and measures for the LED industry. Now have the size of the size or is about to have upper mid-range chip manufacturers have more than 30, with a mid-range encapsulation products as the main body of enterprise mostly in the pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta region, its production accounted for 60% of the world's total output, the downstream terminal application products is more big, with an estimated LED encapsulation and application, big and small enterprises in shenzhen area is up to nearly 3000.
With further mislead the government policy, the mainland investment promotion and capital introduction coxcombical ethos, and large state-owned enterprises, listed companies, venture capital, and have the money to the boss, LED companies are now showing a blustery, advance wave upon wave of strong momentum and attention to the industry with a little attention to the so-called "biggest" establish a nationwide, and even the whole world of photovoltaic industrial park within the last two years at least as many as 50, what's more, even some three level 4 counties and cities are claimed to build the world's largest photovoltaic industry park.
After five years, we do not know these so-called "biggest" enterprise destiny, worried about the outcome of this rush is resin cross field. Vicious price competition, in the end would be a huge manpower, material, not only the end of the waste of resources, land and dispersed in a hubbub, and finally from the winner of the fight in the blood can easily grab by international lighting giant or international capital, LED industry in the end is doing for others JiaYiChang remains to be seen.
Take zhongshan guzhen town, for example: even though the 2008 collapse of the international financial crisis led to guzhen lighting industry trend of baptism, but due to the strong low-end consumer market in China, zhongshan guzhen town is still a blaze at present, marketing momentum not losing his touch. As the LED lighting industry, the town seems to be ushered in the great development of "spring", the local government of ambition and a variety of national semiconductor organization conference and alliances, hope with the help of a semiconductor lighting dongfeng create global LED lighting market and enterprise agglomeration.
Little imagine, at present in the ancient town enterprise popular a word called "there is no better (quality), only the lowest price ()". "failed to appear due to the national related products of unified standards and strict market access and supervision system, in the seemingly chaoyang LED industry has not yet started, had put up the industry are impure, manufactured products, performance is unstable, cause a very bad impression in consumers mind, for those who want to really make a perfect product, insist on technology, quality companies struggling to survive.
Alternative analysis: China's LED enterprises now as in the wild eat to dodge a group of sheep on the grass, always think the grass is enough big, can eat what you do, but this disorderly competition for how much longer? After a bitter fight each other is the result of the vine due or is after hard growing international lighting giants in the name of the contract or buy gradually.
Hero, we call industries is yearning for a "miracle", but the dream must be built on a steadfast do well on the product quality and pay attention to personnel training, no matter go where, do not walk the enterprise brand awareness is not long term.
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