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Growth in the outbreak of LED lighting, traditional lighting mean that fall?
Followed by LED lighting lamps and lanterns of various kinds of skills and function as the focal point of the growth of the "tough", has been slowly satisfied the request of traditional light source, in some lighting category, the energy conservation and environmental protection as the focal point of use is becoming more and more be valued "soft", the traditional lighting industry enterprises are also involved in diverse LED lighting market, beginning grope for enterprises the transformation of the way. The outbreak of the first year, this is the LED will also beginning the litter of traditional lighting? In 2011, the world's exhibition in guangzhou international lighting fair as the industry's top event, often can be may pass information, performance industry limelight - for the first time to become the world's largest lighting exhibition at the same time, dibon only single open an exhibition of the LED show also emerged as the world's largest LED show.
LED property in high positions in growth mutant
As the world's most watched (di) today a new generation of light source, LED because of its high brightness, low quantity of heat, long life, non-toxic, can take over reuse, such as strength, referred to as the most growth prospect of green lighting light source in the 21st century. LED property in China started in the 70 years of the 20th century, pass by the growth of nearly 40 years, our country has become the world's largest lighting producer and second largest exporter of electrical lighting. Authorities in China (China) as early as 2009 years by the Chinese ministry of science and technology launched the "ten city wan light" semiconductor lighting using demonstration city, in the policy encouragement, reviewed and valued a lot enterprises start from the beginning LED the growth potential of the industry, and set off a "LED heat" of the tides. Under the policy to promote, LED lighting production greatly promoted. LED lighting market in 2011 for the rapid growth era, LED lighting is the trend of The Times, opportunity infinite production manufacturers, take a massive market.
Green light source, LED lighting will replace traditional lighting
In the future, LED lighting will replace traditional lighting products. Hot LED lighting product is a kind of cold light source, there is no traditional lighting products will present thermal precipitation, filament was burned and other topics, with the merits of long life and durable. The life of the LED lighting products are more than ten times higher than the traditional product life. It belongs to high-tech cutting-edge products, under the control of calculating machine, can perhaps more (geng) good online programming and can be (k ě) into the level at any time, so it is more appropriate today's number (shu) word information growth. The most important is, LED lighting products suitable environmental protection concept. Due to its low energy consumption, belongs to the dc drive, electrical and optical power conversion can reach one hundred percent. In a lot of lighting situation, over 80% of energy than traditional lighting products.
In 2010 years, coherent agencies for LED lighting to replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of the time schedule for a query to visit guess movement, query visit "(ji ē), according to the fruit industry to help and progress of the LED to replace the traditional light is more optimistic. People think the cuhk department within 3 years, LED lighting lamps and lanterns to replace traditional lighting ratio can reach 20%, and within 3 to 5 years is 50%, and after 10 years or up to 80%. In 2014, according to the latest speculation semiconductor lighting source will occupy 50% of the world's market share, in 2016 semiconductor lighting will occupy 50% of market share. Industry insiders think big department in 2020 LED indoor lighting products or occupation rate can reach 50%.
Traditional raw material is bullish for the LED lighting enterprise for future
Since 2010 fluorescent lamps (including energy-saving lamps), led device produces (di) in the price of the main raw materials of rare earth is rising sharply, the most high (useful) m: ng reached 124%, price is still in the volatility of today. In response, the industry to help analyze the thought, the price of the original data, such as the rare earth in the future will continue to rise continuously. Due to rare earth phosphor powder is main raw material, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED devices are used in encapsulation phosphor powder, its price increases reflect the will of coherent industry chain bigger impact.
According to statistics, 80% of the world's energy-saving lamps are made in China, today there are more than 3000 energy-saving lamps and coherent enterprises in our country, the annual output of energy-saving lamps only through 3 billion, is a vice is energy-saving lamps among global production. Basic but high-end market is occupied by foreign brands such as GE, philips, most Chinese manufacturers wanders in the low-end market, thinning profits. And the domestic rare earth prices are bound to a large number of devour China energy-saving lamp enterprises such as dibon is not high profits. Is rare earth is also one of the main raw materials of LED lighting products, but as a kind of new products, LED lighting today's profits are still relatively high, basic can be over 30%, and from the point of view of capital, is the rare earth and metal material price will rise year by year, but the capital of LED lighting products department main chips price will land a permanent situation, can offset the rise in price. In this case, it is estimated that there will be more enterprises to speed up to LED lighting products category.
Traditional lighting companies to expand LED property sales soar
Back bag yesterday for a year, domestic inflation pressure increase, the original data and the human capital rises continuously, the increasingly intense competition in the domestic lighting industry, enterprise's business capability have risen sharply, uniform industry gradually became thin profit margins. Basically in market demand, combined with state policy support, the growth of the lighting industry contains a grand potential, from coherent industry listed companies sell, LED lighting future business and profit to property has a vast space and stability. In 2010, sun lighting (hua) super planning to achieve the annual plan to purpose, the annual business income is 2.17 billion yuan, achieved complete plan to the purpose of 102.04%, increased by 24.52%; On the domestic electric light source industry leading position basically, foshan lighting in 2011 to further expand the export business. Further cut the whole product structure, vigorously open up and produce energy saving products and high value-added products, such as metal halide lamp, LED lamp, etc., through continuous pursuit of leds in the civilian market. Sun lighting to speed up towards emerging lighting property from the traditional lighting, mercury and key to promote environmentally friendly energy-saving lamps research of new products and LED lighting products production progress.
Have experts predict that in the future 10 years LED lighting market will gradually mature, also is the traditional lighting to LED lighting lamps and lanterns is the most crucial to the success of the transition of 10 years. Listed in Hong Kong last year leishi lighting 2010 revenue increase 54.3% from a year earlier to $470 million, the company strengthen for the promotion of energy-saving light source; Lighting electrical products sales increased by 64.5%, mainly ZhanEn in a product with lamps and lanterns and light source supporting sales increase. Recently leishi lighting large launch LED lighting products, the profession growth LED lighting the determination of the property. Can be seen from the above summary situation, the traditional lighting enterprise profit ability adequately, actively follow up on product plan LED the tide, expand the scope of LED lighting business. Traditional lighting is flowing with the new enterprise.
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