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Heng sen photoelectric won the title of zhejiang entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau class of enterprise qualification
On January 23, 2011, issued by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau of zhejiang province "zhejiang inspection check letter (2011) 43" files notice, this is rated as a class of enterprise's total of 69 companies, heng sen on the list. This means constant when handling the inspection and quarantine business in the future, will enjoy "accurate exempt from examinations" and so on a number of preferential.
Industrial products export enterprise classification management is the quality assurance of the entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau in accordance with the enterprise ability, quality credit and product quality and safety for integrated evaluation of the enterprise, according to the quality evaluation results, the enterprise category from optimal to difference for one, two, three, four categories, implement differentiation of different categories of enterprises management. Is rated as a class of enterprises, can enjoy preferential include: export product in credit regulation or regulatory way, you may apply for inspection qualifications, recommend the implementation of the green channel system, preference recommend direct release, enjoy priority window, give priority to enjoy convenient other preferential treatment for inspection and quarantine, etc. According to preliminary estimates, the enterprise is rated as a class, an average lot and inspection rate fell by 80%, which means that the type of the enterprise for more than 95% of exports zero, zero wait, the corresponding customs clearance fee is significantly reduced, customs clearance efficiency is greatly increased.
As ruian lighting industry association unit, heng sen photoelectric technology co., LTD. Over the years, under the wise leadership of the chairman zhou step DE, companies have been set up the customer is supreme, quality awareness, the company constantly in all kinds of advanced production equipment, make product quality guaranteed. Business integrity, product favored by overseas customers.
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